54" Muscle Bipe

รหัสสินค้า : EF54MuscleBipe


19,800.00 ฿

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54" Muscle Bipe

The Legacy Aviation Muscle Bipe is loosely based on the hot rodded and highly modified Waco UPF-7 flown by the late airshow legend Jimmy Franklin and known as the Mystery Ship. The Muscle Bipe is our tribute to Jimmy and to classic barnstormer airshow style aerobatics. The Muscle Bipe features a quick assembly process that will help you get in the air fast and when powered with the recommended Torque 4016/500 motor is capable of the full range of classic aerobatic maneuvers. If you are a fan of Biplanes and have nostalgia for the classic era of aerobatics the Muscle Bipe is for you!