73"laser260 35cc/120E 1.85M

รหัสสินค้า : 73laser26035cc


22,800.00 ฿

ราคารวม 22,800.00 ฿



Product Information

1)Advanced construction for today's demanding pilots

2) PATENTED quick assembly canopy, wings systems EXCLUSIVE to Skywing

3) Fast assembly time with pre-hinged and pre-sealed ailerons and elevators

4) Factory assembled detailed canopy interior

5) Incredible value NOW WITH MATCHING SPINNER, fuel tank, fuel line, fuel and vent dot, wing bags, as well as preinstalled high quality extensions.


Wingspan 73 in./1854mm

Lenqth 74.8 in./1900mm

Wing Area 1112.13 sq in/71.15dm²

Weight 11.57 lbs/5.25kg

Packaging Size/ Weight 149*57*31cm/10.1kg

Test device:


【Servos】:Elevator  Aileron  Rudder  Throttle(CLI-310*6)

【Propellor】:19 *8

【power supply】:2S-2200mah *1


【servo arm】:Elevator =1.5" *2  Aileron =1.5" *2 Rudder =2.5" *1 dual servo arm 

Test device:

【Motor】:dualsky XM6360EA-KV184

【ESC】:Hobbywing Platinum 100A HV V3

【Servos】:Elevator   Aileron  Rudder (CLI-310*6)


【power supply】:6S-3700mah *2


【servo arm】:Elevator =1.5" *2  Aileron =1.5" *2 Rudder =2.5"(dual servo arm  *1)


1) 30-40cc Gas Engine*1pcs

2) Carbon Propeller (20x8, 20x9, 20x10)*1pcs

3) Digital High Speed Throttle Servo*1pcs

4) Digital High Torque Metal Gear Servos 40*20mm/20kg*5pcs

5) 6" Extensions - aileron Throttle servos*3pcs

6) 1.5" Arms - tapped for 3mm hardware (ailerons x 2, elevator x 2)

7) 3" Double sided arm - tapped for 3mm hardware (rudder in push/pull config.)