91" Extra NG

รหัสสินค้า : EF91ExtraNG


38,800.00 ฿

ราคารวม 38,800.00 ฿



91" Extra NG - Blue/White Scale NG Scheme

Extreme Flight is excited to announce the release of our brand new 91" Extra NG! Based on Walter Extra's most recent fully composite aerobatic masterpiece, the Extreme Flight NG takes modern aerobatic flight to the next level and beyond. Featuring our most up to date aerodynamic package developed for our 104" NG and unique features from the full-scale Extra, this airframe delivers unmatched aerobatic performance while retaining the gorgeous scale lines of the original aircraft. Featuring our latest construction materials and assembly methods, along with our new and recently patented Gen 2 quick release wing and canopy attachment systems, the new NG is a study in modern RC aerobatic design, refinement and performance. Highly prefabricated, the Extra NG can be assembled and ready to fly in a couple evenings of simple and basic assembly steps. Available in two gorgeous high visibility Ultracote color schemes, the NG is among the most elegant airframes to ever grace a flying field. Order yours today and get ready for an amazing flying experience!!