91" Slick 580

รหัสสินค้า : EF91Slick


38,800.00 ฿

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91" Slick 580- Cub Yellow/Red/Grey

Ladies and Gentlemen! The long-awaited brand new 91" 70cc Extreme Flight Slick 580 is in stock and shipping! Competition proven and world renowned as one of the most agile and capable aerobatic machines in the world, Extreme Flight has scaled this design down to the ever popular 70-76cc market. Featuring all of our latest construction materials and methods and all the current carbon fiber and composite components, the Slick 580 represents the pinnacle in modern aerobatic flight performance, feature set and aesthetics. Available in two incredibly awesome Ultracote color schemes, including the stunning new Jase Dussia signature scheme, the Slick 580 is sure to be a stunner at your home field! The latest generation machined aluminum wing, stab and canopy locking mechanisms ensure the Slick assembles quickly at the field, and disassembles just as fast when your hucking session has ended. Experience for yourself the absolute pinnacle of Extreme Aerobatic performance with the Extreme Flight Slick 580!