78" Edge 540

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26,800.00 ฿

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78" Edge 540 White/Red

Introducing the brand new Extreme Flight 78" Edge 540T! The EF Edge 540T design is renowned around the globe for its superior stability in high alpha 3D maneuvers, making it the ideal platform for learning the basics of 3D flight. It is also completely capable of flying high speed XA, beautiful big sky precision maneuvers and with reduced control throws, it makes an excellent sport flyer.

The 78" Edge 540T features all the latest construction materials and methods and our recently patented 2nd generation wing and canopy locking systems. Highly prefabricated, the assembly of the Edge is quick and easy. Available in 2 high visibility Ultracote color schemes with a high quality hardware package and decal set, the Edge requires only a few additional components for completion. Use a 35-40cc gas engine or 3500+ Watt electric power system for maximum performance. We highly recommend the Xpwr 40cc brushless electric motor and 12S Lipo setup.