Mythos 50E

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17,800.00 ฿

ราคารวม 17,800.00 ฿



Designed by Italian aerobatic pilot, Sebastiano Silvestri, the Mytho S 50E ARF is a direct replica of his 2 meter F3A competition airplane, which was the winner of the FAI F3A World Cup in 2012. This professional ARF model is the result of Sebastianos 25 years of experience in the F3A world and his research in the best of F3A performances. The innovative design combined with an extremely lightweight, all wood airframe, gives the Mytho S 50E ARF impressive flight performance with precision and smoothness at any airspeed and flight condition. The Mytho S 50E ARF will become your go to F3A practice dream plane!

  • Wingspan: 62 in (1580mm)
  • Length: 66 in (1670mm)
  • Weight (Less Battery/Fuel): 95-98 oz (2700-2775 g)
  • Motor: 1200-1300W
  • ESC: 70-110 amp
  • Battery: 6S 3800-5000 mAh
  • Glow Engine: .55-.61 2-Stroke
  • Radio: 6+ Channel, 3 Standard & 2 Mini Servos