Synergy Competition

รหัสสินค้า : S33


3,600.00 ฿

ราคารวม 3,600.00 ฿



Synergy was designed by team pilot Jan Votava, who wanted to use all his experience from the F3A category and put it into this model. Synergy is intended for all pilots who like precise flying, precisely executed twists, flips, but also demanding turns, so that this model can be a racing competitor even in a class of more expensive models. Narrower wings and a smaller area at the end is balanced by larger ducts. This means - clean, smooth twists and maintaining the slowest possible flight. The model has a very predictable and linear response to rudder deflections in all flight positions. Thanks to its ability to fly slowly and stealth, it is an ideal first model for the hall, even if you don't dare to do acrobatics yet.

Synergy competition is a lighter version of Synergy, by saving the print, you lighten the model and better adjust the center of gravity with a light drive.

Key Features
Span: 845 mm
Length: 945 mm
Flying weight: 105-130 g
Motor: 40 - 60 W
Regulator: 5 - 15 A
Servo: 3x 4.5 - 6g
Battery: 180 - 350 2S
Propellers: 9 x 2.8 - 9 x 3.8, 8 x 4